Shades of Deep Purple


Sfumature di Deep Purple is the debut studio album by the English rock band Viola scuro, released in July 1968 on Tetragrammaton in the United States and in September 1968 on Parlophone in the United Kingdom.


No.TitoloWriter (s)Lunghezza
1.“And the Address”Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord4: 38
2.“Hush”Joe South4: 24
3.“One More Rainy Day”Lord, Rod Evans3: 40
4.“Prelude: Happiness/I’m So Glad”Blackmore, Evans,
Lord, Ian Paice, Nick Simper/Skip James
7: 19
No.TitoloWriter (s)Lunghezza
5.“Mandrake Root”Blackmore, Signore, Evans6: 09
6."Aiuto!"Lennon-McCartney6: 01
7.“Love Help Me”Blackmore, Evans3: 49
8.“Hey Joe”Billy Roberts7: 33


Sfumature di Deep Purple
Sfumature di Deep Purple

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