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Deep Purple e adesso ?!

Deep Purple Now What?!

Ora cosa?! è il diciannovesimo album in studio del gruppo rock inglese Deep Purple. È stato rilasciato il 19 aprile 26 e prodotto da Bob Ezrin. La band ha anche creato un sito web ufficiale dedicato per pubblicare aggiornamenti sull'album. È stato il primo album in studio della band in oltre sette anni, come il precedente album in studio dei Deep Purple, Rapture of […]



Fornito a You Tube da The Orchard Enterprises Hysteria · Mount Salem Endless ℗ 2014 Metal Blade Records, Inc. Rilasciato il 2014 03 04 Editore musicale Mount Salem Auto generato da You Tube.

Uriah Heep - Ritorno alla fantasia - Copertina in vinile

Uriah Heep Lyrics – Shady Lady

Shady Lady Out from st. louis I wasn’t choosy I just wanted to get Back on the road I hitched in cars And worked in bars Lookin’ for a place To lay down my load I met a lady, a shady lady And someone told her I was all on my own She poured a beer And said when I’m finished here Hang around in cause I’m taking you home Don’t worry I’ll treat you all right Don’t worry You can stay all night I thought it was any easy ride But I didn’t know where I was until […]

Gli Hollies

The Hollies Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress

Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress Saturday night I was downtown Working for the F B I Sitting in a nest of bad men Whiskey bottles piling high Bootlegging boozer on the west side Full of people who are doing wrong Just about to call up the da man When I heard this woman sing a song A pair of 45s made me open my eyes My temperature started to rise She was a long cool woman in a black dress […]

Marco Hietala

Marko Hietala

Marko Tapani Hietala, nato il 14 gennaio 1966, è un cantante, bassista e cantautore finlandese di heavy metal. A livello internazionale, è più conosciuto come l'attuale bassista, cantante maschile e compositore secondario di Tuomas Holopainen, della band metal sinfonica  Nightwish. He is also the vocalist and bassist as well as composer and lyricist for the heavy metal band  Tarot. More @ Wikipedia Photo Gallery Live participations D E L A I N feat Marco Hietala – The Gathering D E L A I N feat Marco Hietala – Nothing Left

Heike Langhans 16

Heike Langhans

Heike Langhans, nata il 9 febbraio 1988, è una cantante e compositrice sudafricana, la sua voce è nota per essere addolorata e la sua musica è di natura peculiare e malinconica. Attualmente è una cantante per la band doom metal svedese Draconian, 

Saxon Testa di metallo

Saxon – Metalhead Playlist

Saxon - Metalhead Metalhead è il quattordicesimo album in studio della band heavy metal  Saxon released in 1999. Track list All tracks are written by Pete “ Biff” Byford, Paul Quinn, Doug Scarratt, Tim “ Nibbs” Carter, except “ Intro” by Nigel Glockler. No. Title Length 1. “ Intro” 1 24 2. “ Metalhead” 4 52 3. “ Are We Travellers in Time” 5 17 4. “ Conquistador” 4 42 5. “ What Goes Around” 4 24 6. “ Song of Evil” 4 12 7. “ All Guns Blazing” 3 53 8. “ Prisoner” 4 12 9. “ Piss Off” 4 04 10. “ Watching You” 5 18 11. […]

Uriah Heep - Living the Dream - Copertina in vinile

Uriah Heep Living The Dream

Living the Dream is the 24th studio album by  Uriah Heep, released in September 2018 by  Frontiers Records. It was produced by Jay Ruston and it is their second album with bassist Davey Rimmer. Tracks No. Title Length 1. “ Grazed by Heaven” 4 31 2. “ Living the Dream” 5 34 3. “ Take Away My Soul” 6 13 4. “ Knocking at My Door” 4 58 5. “ Rocks in the Road” 8 19 6. “ Waters Flowin'” 4 27 7. “ It’s All Been Said” 6 01 8. “ Goodbye to Innocence” 3 34 9. “ Falling […]


The Agonist

The Agonist is a Canadian metal band from  Montreal,  Quebec, formed in 2004. The current line up consists of guitarists Danny Marino and Pascal ( Paco) Jobin, bassist Chris Kells, drummer Simon Mckay, and vocalist  Vicky Psarakis, who joined in March 2014 following the departure of vocalist and founding member  Alissa White Gluz. Both Vicky Psarakis and White Gluz use growled and clean vocals. With Vicky Psarakis The Agonist performance with Alissa White Gluz Here Gallery More about The Agonist